Our Program Options

We have a variety of options to suit your needs.

We offer 3 program options

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Intensive Clinical Program

(Recommended for the first year of your child’s intervention).

Our intensive clinical program is set up to replicate that of an early learning centre, with incorporated group and snack times to promote personal independence and social skills with peers. 

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Intensive Home and Kinder Program

(Dependant on your location and is recommended after the first year of intervention)

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Casual Program

Casual ESDM Session at our clinic (Recommended if wait times apply for availability for an intensive clinic program)

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Unique & Amazing

We know that every child is unique and amazing. And every child has unique communications and learning needs. The Amazing Kids early intervention team will work with you as parents, as well as the rest of your family and other professionals to build a program specifically designed for you and your unique child. We focus on helping your child become more confident and to better interact and engage. We do this via specific programmes that work through each stage of your child’s development including communication, cognition, language, and motor skills via 1:1 behavioural therapy sessions and play to help build independence and participation.

Play is so important

The Importance of Play

We understand your child will learn faster by having fun, so we help you and your child develop skills through play. We also help integrate all lessons into your normal routine to ensure you and your wider family can further reinforce our therapy and actions at home.

Our individual programs are designed for you to reinforce development at home, not just in our community or “in-clinic” sessions.

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Experienced Team

Our team of experienced ESDM behavioural therapists are focused on your child and deliver a personalised programme to meet their needs. Your child will have a dedicated behavioural therapist to provide therapy and to support you.


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Individual Plans

Amazing Kids will develop a dedicated and individual plan for your child. We also integrate with a range of ancillary services. These may include; NDIS coordination, preschool, childcare or playgroups, medical specialists (speech, OT), psychologist and physiotherapists and family support services.