Our Code


On October 5, 2021

Amazing Kids respects and supports the fundamental rights of children and their parents, carers and families and we have 5 key codes:

  • We treat children, family members and representatives, with respect and dignity at all times, knowing that each child is an individual with individual needs.


  • Our team is hard working and always provide professional and personalised therapy in our clinical or community setting.


  • Our team always acts honestly and truthfully and we practice open and transparent communication with parents, families, medical professionals and through government funding such as the NDIS.


  • We keep up to date with all qualifications, police checks, licenses and registrations, required to provide our services and maintain the privacy of your information – as per our privacy policy.


  • We work to maintain and enhance the safety and wellbeing of our team as well as those in our care, in accordance with the appropriate standards and relevant legislation relating to our services.

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