Mastering the ESDM Process: A Parent’s Guide to Early Intervention Success


On March 12, 2024

The Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) is a groundbreaking evidence-based approach for providing early intervention services for young autistic children under the age of 5. This comprehensive model, which Amazing Kids specialises in, is designed to address key developmental areas such as communication, social skills, and adaptive behaviours. As a parent embarking on this ESDM journey, it is crucial to understand the process and how to effectively utilise the available resources in order to provide the best possible support for your child’s unique needs. At Amazing Kids, we believe in empowering parents to play an active role in their child’s intervention plan, working alongside potential therapists to ensure optimal outcomes.

This blog aims to provide parents of young autistic children, as well as potential therapists, with an informative and intent-driven resource focusing on- navigating the ESDM journey with confidence and competence. With a combination of expert advice and practical strategies, we seek to empower families to become effective advocates for their children’s unique developmental needs. Through a clear understanding of the ESDM process coupled with exceptional guidance from Amazing Kids, you can ensure that your young autistic child receives the unparalleled support they need to reach their full potential.

1. Obtaining a Timely Diagnosis and Referral for ESDM Services

Early diagnosis is imperative in ensuring that young autistic children receive appropriate intervention services in a timely manner. Some key steps for obtaining a proper diagnosis include:

– Monitoring your child’s development: Be attentive to your child’s developmental milestones and watch for any delays or difficulties.

– Seeking professional opinions: Consult with your child’s paediatrician and other allied health professionals if you have concerns about their development.

– Pursuing a formal diagnosis: Follow through with a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation conducted by a team of experienced professionals.

– Obtaining a referral: Once your child has been diagnosed, seek a referral for ESDM intervention services such as those provided by Amazing Kids.

2. Selecting the Appropriate ESDM Intervention Services

In choosing the right ESDM services, it’s crucial to consider factors such as the team’s experience, qualifications, and approach:

– Research ESDM providers: Take time to explore various early intervention providers in Melbourne, such as Amazing Kids, that specialise in the ESDM.

– Verify qualifications and experience: Ensure that potential therapists have the necessary expertise in delivering ESDM services.

– Assess values and approach: Consider the provider’s values and treatment approach to ensure they align with your family’s needs and expectations.

– Evaluate the scope of services: Look for a provider that offers a comprehensive range of ESDM services, including both individual and group sessions.

3. Building a Strong Support Network

Creating a robust support network is essential in navigating the ESDM journey successfully. Consider the following steps in cultivating a supportive environment:

– Collaborate with professionals: Foster ongoing communication and collaboration with your child’s intervention team, including therapists, educators, and paediatricians.

– Engage with the community: Connect with local support groups, parent networks, and organisations that offer resources and assistance to families of young autistic children.

– Share your experiences: Reach out to other families who are on similar journeys and share your experiences, knowledge, and insights.

– Utilise online resources: Access credible online resources to expand your understanding of autism, the ESDM, and effective strategies for supporting your child’s development.

4. Creating a Home Environment that Fosters Growth and Development

Combining ESDM services with a supportive home environment is essential for enhancing your child’s development:

– Implement learning opportunities: Integrate ESDM strategies and techniques within your child’s daily routines and playtime, promoting skill development and generalisation.

– Foster consistency: Create a consistent schedule and predictability in your child’s life, while ensuring a balance between therapy sessions, downtime, and family activities.

– Promote independence: Support your child’s development by creating opportunities for them to build their self-help skills and autonomy.

– Focus on inclusion and acceptance: Encourage an atmosphere of understanding, acceptance, and inclusivity within your home and your child’s wider community.


Navigating the ESDM journey can be challenging for parents of young autistic children; however, with the right guidance, preparation, and support from Amazing Kids, you can feel confident and empowered on this incredible path. By obtaining a timely diagnosis, selecting appropriate intervention services, building a strong support network, and creating a nurturing home environment, you can play a pivotal role in your child’s developmental success. 

Together with potential therapists and the wider community, you can make the most of the ESDM services provided by Amazing Kids, ensuring your young autistic child receives the best possible support to thrive and reach their full potential. Contact Amazing Kids today to learn more about our ESDM early intervention services and how we can help support your family on this incredible journey.

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